Friday, October 29, 2010

EPL 2010/11 Season - Week 10 Predictions

Last week was more or less and average week, getting 6 or the 10 tips correct.  As it stood the suggested bets of Chelsea and Liverpool both won, I should have stuck by the model it seems.

No surprises this week, it appears a pretty obvious round for tipping.  A few bets have been thrown up though - namely on Aston Villa, Everton, Fulham, and Manchester United.

Team 1Team 2 Pr T1Pr DrawPr T
Arsenal West Ham United82%12%6%
Aston Villa Birmingham City62%23% 14%
Blackburn Rovers Chelsea12%21%67%
Blackpool West Bromwich Albion39%31% 31%
Bolton Wanderers Liverpool21%28%51%
Everton Stoke City67%21%12%
Fulham Wigan Athletic59%25%16%
Manchester United Tottenham Hotspur73%18% 10%
Newcastle United Sunderland44%30%26%
Wolverhampton Wanderers Manchester City22%28% 49%

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