Friday, October 22, 2010

A-League 2010-11 Season - Week 11 Predictions

A pretty good week last week, getting 3 results correct - good enough to be in the top 4% for the week and top 3% overall on footytips.  On the betting we broke even, collecting 2 out of 4 bets.

This week's round is back to 5 games, although the 5th game is on a Wednesday.  As usual we tip all home teams - if it ain't broke...

Team 1Team 2 VenuePr T1Pr Draw Pr T
Adelaide UnitedNew Zealand Hindmarsh Stadium50% 25%25%
Melbourne HeartGold CoastAAMI Park 44%26% 30%
Queensland RoarMelbourne Victory Suncorp Stadium41%26% 33%
Perth GlorySydney FCnib Stadium 43%26% 31%
Newcastle JetsNorth Queensland EnergyAustralia Stadium44% 26%30%

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