Friday, December 17, 2010

EPL 2010/11 Season - Week 18 Predictions

While we only managed 5 winners for last week, this was good enough to be in the top 4% for the week on on footytips,and moved us into overall 202nd spot.  Our recent good form on the bet has continued with wins to Villa and Manchester United making up for the Everton non-result.

This week there's nothing out of the ordinary - smallish bets on Liverpool and Blackburn at home which should be rather safe.

Team 1Team 2 Pr T1Pr DrawPr T
Arsenal Stoke City77%15%8%
Birmingham City Newcastle United47%29% 24%
Blackburn Rovers West Ham United58%25%17%
Blackpool Tottenham Hotspur25%29% 46%
Chelsea Manchester United42%30% 28%
LiverpoolFulham 70%19%11%
Manchester City Everton51%28%21%
Sunderland Bolton Wanderers48%29% 23%
West Bromwich Albion Wolverhampton Wanderers53%27% 20%
Wigan Athletic Aston Villa26%30%44%

A-League 2010-11 Season - Week 19 Predictions

A pretty good week last week, we tipped 5 of 7 winners to move into the top 1% overall on on footytips. To date I can't remember being in the top 1% for both A-League and EPL at the same time - so something of a milestone.  Not such a good week on the betting though, the only highlight being North Queensland's win over Sydney on Wednesday night.

No surprises this week - a couple of small bets on rank outsiders Perth and North Queensland - I'll be happy if either of those get up.

Team 1Team 2 VenuePr T1Pr Draw Pr T
Adelaide UnitedMelbourne Heart Hindmarsh Stadium46% 26%28%
New ZealandNewcastle JetsAMI Stadium 41%26% 33%
Melbourne VictoryPerth GloryAAMI Park 50%25% 25%
North QueenslandQueensland Roar Dairy Farmers Stadium40% 26%34%
Gold CoastCentral Coast MarinersSkilled Park 43%26% 31%
Central Coast MarinersNorth Queensland Bluetongue Stadium50% 25%25%
Perth GloryAdelaide Unitednib Stadium 44%26% 30%

Friday, December 10, 2010

EPL 2010/11 Season - Week 17 Predictions

Tipping 6 winners last week saw us jump about 25 places in the top 1% of all tippers on footytips.  For the first time in a while we made a decent return for the week with bets on Blackburn and Man City saluting.

Not many surprises this week - if anything I think Chelsea looks like a good bet in a London derby

Team 1Team 2 Pr T1Pr DrawPr T
Aston Villa West Bromwich Albion59%25% 16%
Bolton Wanderers Blackburn Rovers41%30% 29%
Everton Wigan Athletic73%17%9%
FulhamSunderland 45%29%25%
Manchester United Arsenal58%25%17%
Newcastle United Liverpool20%27%52%
Stoke City Blackpool56%26%18%
Tottenham Hotspur Chelsea25%29%46%
West Ham United Manchester City23%29%48%
Wolverhampton Wanderers Birmingham City38%31%31%

A-League 2010-11 Season - Week 18 Predictions

Last week we tipped 3 of 6 winners, good enough to move us into the top 2% of all tippers on footytips.  We were unfortunate not to collect a large amount on the Victory game as they led going into the 93rd minute, but then again they were 2-0 down so they were lucky to hit the lead at all.

This week we tip the nominal away team, being Melbourne Victory against their hometown rivals Heart.  Apart from this game, we are betting on all games this weekend, with bets on North Queensland, Wellington, Sydney and Perth.

Team 1Team 2 VenuePr T1Pr Draw Pr T
Adelaide UnitedNorth Queensland Hindmarsh Stadium47% 25%28%
Melbourne HeartMelbourne VictoryAAMI Park 32%26% 42%
Gold CoastNew ZealandSkilled Park 52%24% 24%
Sydney FCQueensland Roar Sydney Football Stadium45% 26%29%
Perth GloryCentral Coast Marinersnib Stadium 42%26% 32%
Newcastle JetsGold Coast EnergyAustralia Stadium41% 26%32%
North QueenslandSydney FCDairy Farmers Stadium 40%26% 34%

Friday, December 3, 2010

EPL 2010/11 Season - Week 16 Predictions

EPL tipping has gone quite well in the hiatus, we know sit in the top 1% of all tippers on footytips. From memory we've never been so high on the ladder so early into the season - hopefully we can keep this up and really aim high by the end of the season.

No surprises this week in the tips - in fact comparing our probs with the bookie prices there is very little difference - so no bets at all this week.

Team 1Team 2 Pr T1Pr DrawPr T
Aston Villa West Bromwich Albion62%23% 15%
Bolton Wanderers Blackburn Rovers43%30% 27%
Everton Wigan Athletic73%17%9%
Fulham Sunderland47%29%24%
Manchester United Arsenal58%25%17%
Newcastle United Liverpool22%28%50%
Stoke City Blackpool55%26%18%
Tottenham Hotspur Chelsea25%29%46%
West Ham United Manchester City24%29% 46%
Wolverhampton Wanderers Birmingham City39%30% 30%

A-League 2010-11 Season - Week 17 Predictions

It's been a while since I last post on here due to my laptop's surprise sabatical, so thought I'd quivkly post on here while I had the chance.

The A-League tipping has been going well, the betting not so well - although a nice win by North Queesnland away to Gold Coast at odds of $4.60 clawed us back somewhat.

This week sees a 6-game round, as per usual we've gone with all home teams - even in tonight's game featuring Victory hosting table-topping Brisbane, and Wellington hosting a red-hot Adelaide. A decent bet on Melbourne tonight too, though seeing as I'm sitting on a ticket with Brisbane to top the table at the end of the seeing at odds of $51, I won't be too fussed if Brisbane win tonight.

Team 1Team 2 VenuePr T1Pr Draw Pr T
Melbourne VictoryQueensland Roar AAMI Park47%25% 28%
Central Coast MarinersSydney FC Bluetongue Stadium44% 26%30%
North QueenslandNewcastle Jets Dairy Farmers Stadium46% 26%28%
New ZealandAdelaide United Westpac Stadium39%26% 35%
Gold CoastMelbourne Heart Skilled Park46%26% 28%
Melbourne HeartNewcastle Jets AAMI Park47%25% 27%

Friday, November 12, 2010

EPL 2010/11 Season - Week 12 Predictions

As with the A-League, it was a sub-standard performance in the EPL last week - only managing to get 4 of 10 games correct - yet that was still good enough for the top 14% for the week, and still top 3% overall on footytips.

 Not many surprises this week, and the only bet being a big one on Chelsea at small odds to beat Sunderland. And I wouldn't mind at all if that bet lost.

Team 1Team 2 Pr T1Pr DrawPr T
Aston Villa Manchester United19%27% 54%
Chelsea Sunderland86%10%4%
EvertonArsenal 33%31%36%
Manchester City Birmingham City68%21% 12%
Newcastle United Fulham43%30%27%
Stoke City Liverpool21%28%51%
Tottenham Hotspur Blackburn Rovers57%25% 17%
West Ham United Blackpool49%28%23%
Wigan Athletic West Bromwich Albion39%31% 31%
Wolverhampton Wanderers Bolton Wanderers39%30% 30%