Friday, December 10, 2010

EPL 2010/11 Season - Week 17 Predictions

Tipping 6 winners last week saw us jump about 25 places in the top 1% of all tippers on footytips.  For the first time in a while we made a decent return for the week with bets on Blackburn and Man City saluting.

Not many surprises this week - if anything I think Chelsea looks like a good bet in a London derby

Team 1Team 2 Pr T1Pr DrawPr T
Aston Villa West Bromwich Albion59%25% 16%
Bolton Wanderers Blackburn Rovers41%30% 29%
Everton Wigan Athletic73%17%9%
FulhamSunderland 45%29%25%
Manchester United Arsenal58%25%17%
Newcastle United Liverpool20%27%52%
Stoke City Blackpool56%26%18%
Tottenham Hotspur Chelsea25%29%46%
West Ham United Manchester City23%29%48%
Wolverhampton Wanderers Birmingham City38%31%31%

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