Saturday, September 26, 2009

AFL 2009 Season - Finals Week 4 Predictions - Grand Final

Apologies again foir the late posting of these, though given the predictions it's probably best they had as little expsure as possible.  As has been the case in most of the finals the player selections has been decisive in the final probabilities.  Geelong were tipped slightly based on team form alone, but some nuances in the players selected has swung things in quite a bit in St Kilda's favour.

I find it interesting that Geelong are favoured as much as they are, they have dropped a few games recently against less favoured opposition, whereas St Kilda only lost a couple of games by less than a goal.  Perhaps they shouldn't be as highly rated as they are below, but it's a method that was worked great all season so what can you do?

Team 1
Team 2
Pr 1
Pr 2
St Kilda

Total tips for the season: 128 from 184 (70%)
Total tips for finals: 5 from 8 (63%)

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