Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hyundai A-League 2010 - 11 Season Predictions

Well it's been a while since I posted here - the letdown after the World Cup and general laziness in getting AFL tips up here a major factor.

But now that soccer / football seasons are about to start worldwide, motivation is high.  Also because these models seem to provide the best mix of betting profitability and easiness to update.

So here are my thoughts on the upcoming A-League season, starting tonight when new team Melbourne Heart take on Central Coast.  The table below may raise a few eyebrows, not so much the top 2 teams but just underneath.  Apart from Melbourne Victory and Sydney FC, there really hasn't been a team which has performed consistently season after season - as form is hard to come by and recent form tends to be over-exaggerated.  As such, I've rated teams like Central Coast and Brisbane Roar higher than the market does as they have done relatively well over time, and weren't too far from the finals last year.

Best of luck to those who follow these predictions!

TeamAvg PointsPr Win Minor Pr Win GF
Melbourne Victory50.8 28.3%24.4%
Sydney FC47.9 17.7%17.0%
Central Coast Mariners46.1 13.0%13.1%
Perth Glory44.1 8.5%9.0%
Queensland Roar44.1 8.5%9.2%
Gold Coast43.2 7.0%7.9%
Melbourne Heart42.5 6.2%7.1%
Adelaide United41.5 4.9%5.4%
North Queensland39.7 3.2%3.7%
Newcastle Jets37.7 1.8%2.3%
New Zealand34.7 0.7%0.9%

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