Saturday, June 26, 2010

World Cup Match Predictions - Round of 16

Now half the teams have been eliminated, and we're down to the knockout stages.  As expected the 3rd round of games wasn't as profitable as the previous rounds - although they still broke even, and indeed if you were smart and left out dubious games like Mexico vs Uruguay, France vs South Africa and Portugal vs Brazil where the results didn't affect who went through, then you woudl have been well in front again.

The predictions below are for the games in the round of 16 - and keep in mind these predictions are for the result at the end of 90 minutes of regulation time - pretty much all bookmakers will offer this market.

StageTeam 1 Team 2Pr Team 1Pr Draw Pr Team 2
Round of 16UruguayKorea Republic 53%29% 18%
Round of 16MexicoArgentina 22%32% 46%
Round of 16USAGhana 43%33% 24%
Round of 16EnglandGermany 35%34% 31%
Round of 16NetherlandsSlovakia 82%13% 5%
Round of 16JapanParaguay 30%34% 36%
Round of 16BrazilChile 61%26% 14%
Round of 16PortugalSpain 14%26% 59%

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